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"I bought this necklace for my daughter as a birthday gift and she absolutely loves it! The gold plating is very high quality and the engraving is perfect. She wears it every day and it still looks brand new." - Anjali, Bangalore
Anjali, bangalore
"I got this necklace for my mom as a Mother's Day gift and she was so happy! She said it was the perfect way to show her how much I love her. The necklace is very well-made and she wears it every day."
Priya, mumbai
"I bought this necklace for myself as a treat and I'm so glad I did! It's such a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry. I get compliments on it all the time."
Diya, delhi
"I bought this necklace for my husband as a wedding anniversary gift and he loved it! The gold plating is very shiny and the engraving is very clear. He wears it every day and it still looks brand new."
Maya, chennai
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